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brain_dung's Journal

The Great Philosophical Headache
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All Members , Moderated
Hello, and welcome to brain_dung, the place to post all that excess refuse that's been collecting in your head for the last century. Feel free to join our merry band of eccentrics, but once you do, be sure to post an introductory message containing this here survey:

Information for Stalkers
Who are you, exactly?
What is your quest?
What is your Social Security Number?
What colour is your toothbrush?
How do you like your eggs?
Who is your favourite Ninja Turtle?
Who is your favourite Spice Girl?
Name five South American countries and your grade three teacher:
By the way, you wouldn't happen to be a hot guy with long hair, would you?

Boolean Algebra
Clothes pins or dryers?
Broken mirrors or black cats?
Capitalization or punctuation?
OR or XOR?
Fascism or communism?
Old women wearing lacy thongs or fat men wearing Speedos?
Achmed or Ashe?
Cosette or Eponine?
Bill Nye the Science Guy or Beakman's World?
Calgary or Edmonton?
callmesquanky or ratatusk?

What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love...
Do you believe in love at first sight, or is it simply a matter of the chemicals in your brain playing tricks on you?
Have you ever dated someone who owns a pair of pink underwear?
Have you ever made love to a vegetable?
Did you or did you not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky?
Do you believe that density brought us together?
Do you ever write "u" instead of "you"?
If you answered "yes" to the above question, do you realise that callmesquanky and ratatusk know who you are and where you live, and are planning to kill you when you least expect it?
If you answered "yes" to that "hot guy with long hair" question at the beginning of this survey, do you realise that ratatusk is already in love with you and is planning her wedding to you as we speak?

Les Politiques
Are you SURE you didn't have sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky?
Who has the prettiest hair: George Bush or Paul Martin?
Once gay marriage becomes commonplace, whose ideals should be accepted next: those of NAMBLA or marryyourpet.com?
Are you anti-life or anti-choice?
Why don't they just say pro-abortion or anti-abortion? Geez!
Didn't Terry Goodkind's Naked Empire suck or what?

Oh My God!
Do you get offended when people make fun of religion?
Ever noticed that believing in science is just as irrational as believing in religion?
Do you believe in aliens?
ARE you an alien?
Do you seriously think Jesus was white?
Are you one of those people who aren't Christian, but celebrate Christmas anyway?
What is the most embarrassing crush you've ever had on a celebrity?

For simplicity's sake, you can cut and paste all the nice formatting using this here text box:

Enjoy your stay!

Your friendly neighbourhood mods,
callmesquanky and ratatusk